Cougar Express, Inc. has been known to our company for some 12 years and for the last 9 years we have used them exclusively for warehousing, storage and trucking.

We have found them to be honest and trustworthy and have never had problems with their service, staff and attention to our needs.

We handle some prestigious accounts, with high value shipments which they have always handled in a most secure manner. We have not had any pilferage, damage or other problems and they always collect or deliver on time.

Dennis A. Vicars
Tri-Port World Wide


Cougar Express has been my dedicated house trucker in the New York area since 1992. To retain the same vendor exclusively for 20 years says a lot about their service and ability to meet my PU& D needs. In all of our years together, their dedication and reliability to meet my demanding schedule on short notice what separates Cougar Express from all other trucking companies.

I highly recommend their services.

Mr. Bill Timpano
Terminal Manager, NY/NJ
Service By Air Inc.


Cougar Express has handled my cargo and warehousing in the New York area for more than 19 years. They have been excellent in all phases of trucking, as we need on-demand Services for our government and aviation industry accounts. We handle aircraft engines, landing gears and other aircraft parts and this takes special handling. We have been extremely happy with everything they have done for us. Please contact the undersigned if we may be of further assistance.                          

Fred Berson
Senior Director
Continental Global Logistics
Continental Freight Forwarding Inc.