Welcome to Cougar Express

Cougar Express Inc. has provided comprehensive transportation services dating back to 1991. During these unprecedented times, customers are looking for consistency, integrity, and transparency as it relates to the services offered by Cougar Express Inc. for their logistical needs. With more than 50 years of collective experience within the industry, Cougar Express thrives on a level of  customer service that is proven and unparalleled in the logistics marketplace. We have a documented and proven track record of adhering to scheduled pickup and delivery times that are in excess of 99.8%,providing customers with peace of mind knowing that both you and your clients time-sensitive needs will be handled in the most expeditious and professional manner possible. 

In addition to timely and predictable service, the security of our customer's inventory is our highest priority. Our warehouse is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, inclusive of 18 real time security cameras to ensure that all inventory is extensively monitored before being dispatched to it's delivery location. 

Additionally, Cougar Express has earned the long-term trust of it's customers as it is entering it's 28th year of logistics services in the tri-state area. We are relevantly and conveniently located within 8 minutes of JFK airport, and use our favorable location and close proximity to be able to service both pickups and deliveries throughout the tri-state area to keep pace with increasing demand. We provide anywhere from 1 to 4 man deliveries and offer white glove services for our most sophisticated and integral requests. 

We are currently outpacing the competition in the local marketplace and experiencing incremental growth, and continue to expand our services within long Island, Westchester, the five Boroughs, and New Jersey.